OSPOA Programs Supported by Your Donations


All of your donations to the Oregon State Police Officers’ Association (OSPOA) go directly to fund the following programs. Without your support, they would not be possible.

Family of Bryan Scott

From 06-08-2016 to 07-08-2016, donations made on this website will directly benefit Detective Bryan Scott and his Family. 

Educational Scholarships

The OSPOA is dedicated to the development of their members and their families through educational assistance from our Scholarship program.

Currently, children of our members are eligible to apply for partial scholarships annually which are paid directly to the academic institution to be applied directly towards tuition costs.

One of the primary goals of the OSPOA is to expand the scholarship program to not only allow for more partial scholarships, but also by building resources to offer full scholarships obtained by our members and the children of our members through a competitive process.

Professional Services for Traumatic Incidents

Our members serve the citizens of Oregon by patrolling the highways and responding to your calls for service. A patrol shift for a Trooper includes handling major incidents such as traffic crashes, violent assaults, homicides, attacks on them, and other unpleasant experiences. Years of working with the not so friendly side of humanity can take a serious emotional toll on a person. Oregon State Troopers are not immune to these emotional stresses.

Additionally, many of our members serve in the United States Armed Forces which requires their service overseas in war zone areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Their service to our country adds to the already existing emotional stresses from their day to day duties of serving the citizens of Oregon. To deal with these stresses in a healthy way, a Trooper may require professional assistance.

The OSPOA is dedicated to providing professional services to our members to help them deal with these emotional stresses, get them back on track, and allow them to return to the performance of their duties as a State Trooper.

These programs are not only available to the member but also their family unit. With your donations, the OSPOA will be able to provide these services free of cost to our members.

Financial Assistance in Crisis

Families suffer personal crisis and so do the family members of the OSPOA. To help ease the stresses for our members who have the misfortune of suffering from a crisis, the OSPOA will have the resources to provide financial support to these families to cover necessary expenses such as medical costs, travel, lodging, and day to day costs to keep the family unit intact as they deal with the crisis at hand.

This assistance is provided to our members because of your donation.

Support of Youth Athletic Programs

Since its inception in 1984, the OSPOA has been an active financial supporter of youth after school sporting programs. Sponsorship includes financial assistance to support and maintain athletic teams around the state.

Members of the OSPOA volunteer their time to assist with these youth sporting teams within their communities.

Your donation will allow for the OSPOA to continue financial contributions to youth athletic programs around the state which provides positive extra-curricular activities for the youth of Oregon. 

Publication of the Oregon State Trooper Magazine

The OSPOA publishes twice a year the Oregon State Trooper Magazine dedicated to the membership of the Oregon State Police Officers’ Association. This publication allows for Troopers from all over the state to keep in touch with what is going on with their co-workers, and provides articles for them to read which are pertinent to their profession.

Your generous donation will cover the publishing and mailing costs to deliver the magazine.

We at the OSPOA sincerely thank you for your generous support! All of your donation dollars go directly to the OSPOA. If you prefer to mail your donation, please feel free to do so and use the below mailing address.

Oregon State Police Officers’ Association
PO Box 12726
Salem, OR 97309


Calendar of Events

Scott Family

On June 7th, 2016, Central Point Detective Bryan Scott’s son was killed in an accident in Yellowstone Park. Bryan and his oldest son are currently flying to Montana. Several members of the agency have expressed their desire to assist Bryan and his family and Bryan has expressed his sincere appreciation for their thoughts and prayers. Although Brian hasn’t asked for financial assistance, their family will undoubtedly incur additional expenses during this time. If you have the ability and desire to monetarily assist Bryan and his family during this difficult time, please consider doing so. The link above has been established for this purpose”
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Macy Family

A GoFundMe Account has been set up for the Macy's Baby, see the link below for more info.....
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The Scholarship Application for the 2016-2017 school year is now available in the 'Documents' section. (Members Only/Resources/Documents and Forms/Forms)
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SEC Meeting

July 13-14, 2016 @ OSPOA Office

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