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TrooperPAC (Political Action Committee)

Mission: to provide financial support to state legislative candidates who are seriously committed to public safety, law enforcement, and a strong Department of Oregon State Police.
OSPOA joins a growing number of lobbying organizations who have recognized that a well-orchestrated lobbying effort during the session is no longer a guarantee for success in Oregon’s legislative arena. No matter how powerfully a lobbying effort might be waged, it will not be successful if the majority of legislators are already either politically or philosophically predisposed against it.
The bottom line for candidates is that it takes money to get elected to public office. Organizations with a legislative agenda can no longer ignore the reality of the need to participate in the financing of those campaigns.
OSPOA’s State Executive Committee has determined that the most effective manner for the organization to reinforce its overall government affairs effort is to make, through a political action committee, contributions to candidates sympathetic with the association’s legislative goals.
State and federal laws allow individuals, unions, and corporations to make campaign contributions to TrooperPAC without any restrictions, though they are not tax deductible.
Participating in the political process doesn’t cost that much in comparison with the cost to each state trooper if the organization is not involved. Please send your contribution to TrooperPAC today!

Your decision to get involved today by supporting TrooperPAC with a donation is critical to members of the Oregon State Police Officers’ Association. Electing the right people can make a difference!
TrooperPAC Board of Advisors weigh a variety of criteria in determining which candidates for legislative office should receive funding, this criteria includes:
  • General interest in and commitment to issues concerning public safety and law enforcement.
  • Past support of OSPOA and its issues.
  • Incumbency, leadership position, and committee assignments.
  • Prior experience in public office and community activities.
  • Ability to conduct a viable campaign and likelihood of success.
TrooperPAC is non-partisan, affiliated with the Oregon State Police Officers’ Association, and is committed to promoting a strong Department of State Police in Oregon through its support of quality legislative candidates.

TrooperPAC Board of Advisors:

Chair Michael Lopez OSPOA Preisdent 
Vice Chair Frank Hagen OSPOA Vice President
Board Member Odessa Siegel Springfield, Forensics Division
Board Member Tiffany Crutchfield Astoria, Patrol Division
Board Member John Cooper Coos Bay, Fish & Wilidlife Division
Board Member Corey Harris Grants Pass, Patrol Division
Board Member Heather Feaman Portland, Forensics Division

Oregon State Police Officers' Association, located at 2668 Cascadia Industrial Street, SE, Salem, OR 97302

TrooperPAC Contribution Forms
Dec 02, 2021

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