OSPOA Endorsements

Oregon House and Oregon Senate

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Below are the candidates endorsed by OSPOA. 


Democrat            HD 10    David                  Gomberg                           

Democrat            HD 26    Courtney             Neron                  

Democrat            HD 45    Thuy                   Tran                     

Democrat            SD 11     Richard              Walsh                  

Democrat            SD 13     Aaron                 Woods                

Democrat            SD 15     Janeen               Sollman               

Democrat            HD 28    Dacia                  Grayber                              

Democrat            SD 7       James                Manning                            

Democrat            SD 17     Elizabeth            Steiner Hayward                             

Democrat            SD 19     Rob                    Wagner               

Democrat            HD 20    Paul                    Evans                   

Democrat            HD 54    Jason                  Kropf                   

Democrat            SD 4       Floyd                  Prozanski                           

Non-Partisan      Labor Commissioner        Christina              Stephenson        

Republican          HD 2      Virgle                  Osborne              

Republican          HD 21    Kevin                  Mannix 

Republican          HD 24    Lucetta               Elmer    

Republican          HD 31    Brian                  Stout    

Republican          HD 32    Cyrus                 Javadi   

Republican          HD 40    Adam                 Baker    

Republican          HD 53    Michael              Sipe       

Republican          HD 56    Emily                  McIntire              

Republican          SD 3       Randy                Sparacino           

Republican          SD 16     Suzanne            Weber  

Republican          HD 52    Jeffrey                Helfrich

Republican          HD 57    Greg                   Smith    

Republican          HD 59    Vikki                   Breese-Iverson  

Republican          SD 20     Bill                     Kennemer           

Republican          HD 9      Boomer              Wright  

Republican         HD 12    Charlie                Conrad 

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